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a store front at night

Stanhope Gardens

6 Tilbury Avenue: this display is off the charts!



10 Tomah Place: often described as a gingerbread house, this display is said to be seen from outer space!



44 Mawarra Crescent: this house has a gorgeous themed display featuring inflatable decorations and is raising money for the Leukemia Foundation.

17 Womboyne Avenue: a festive stop-off on any Christmas lights tour!

10 Hector Court: this house has had its own Christmas village and a massive Christmas tree in previous years, though it is still unconfirmed for 2020.


Castle Hill

136 Excelsior Avenue: a gorgeous display of over 25,000 lights!

Get ready for lasers, projections, a nativity scene and more at 34 Saint Pauls Avenue.



24 Mills Road: this house often has an epic display but is not yet confirmed for 2020.


North Ryde

Chauvel Street: the whole gang usually gets into the Christmas spirit on this gorgeous street, but displays are currently unconfirmed for 2020.



Dorset Avenue: a true gem of the area, this display is well worth getting out of your car for! Not yet confirmed for 2020.


Beacon Hill

12 Egan Place: this house usually has their decorations on throughout December.



Coles Road: unconfirmed for 2020 but usually a real sight to behold!



4 Ingleside Road: One of the biggest Christmas lights displays on the Beaches (including a walk-through light tunnel!) is at 4 Ingleside Road.



5 Ventura Avenue: this epic display boasts plenty of characters that young ones will recognise, as well as thousands of lights and plenty more.



Jubilee Avenue: this display had a Santa with Kangaroos and other awesome light displays last year so fingers crossed they get in the spirit this year!


South Hurstville

29 Grosvenor Road: as well as offering a great display, this house is known for raising money for the kids at Starlight. This year they are also hosting weekend movie nights for families from 7 pm to 10 pm.



Madrers Avenue: (especially number 361) they have over 50,000 lights, two window displays, a singing bear and reindeer—rest assured there are lots to ogle at here! Currently unconfirmed for 2020.



If you can only make it to one street this year, Kemp Street in Mortdale will have a number of houses glittered with magical Christmas lights.


Connells Point

47 Homedale Crescent are going big this year with their 2020 Christmas lights display.



131 Ridge Road: this house is usually covered from top to bottom in lights! Currently unconfirmed for 2020 but here’s hoping…

Gamenya Place: really embracing the Christmas spirit, we can’t recommend a visit here enough!



9 Aldgate Street: not yet confirmed for 2020 but if it goes ahead—this one is not to be missed! Think Santas, reindeer and candy canes—and most importantly, raising money for the Sydney Children’s Hospital.



59 Kareena Road: this gorgeous display features roof and wall trees covered in lights. A 5m Santa and 5m reindeer also make an appearance, with Christmas carols playing in the background. How festive!

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Photo Credit-  The Daily Telegraph