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Frequently Asked Questions

24 Hours In Sydney is proud to be the first Sydney Experience Company to offer 3 unique world firsts plus the ability to offset costs by value adding Hotel Savings Cards and Complimentary Holidays by adding the Concierge Bonus of your choice


We embarked upon a different way to define experiences for the general public in Sydney. These were identified during the pandemic interruption to our business and broken into 4 pivot points.
  1. Yes, we advocate cheaper by the dozen. Unlike other operators, we believe that you should get a discount for each person, the bigger the group. A world first.
  2. Yes, we decided not to have inclusions. The reason is that Online Travel Agents (OTAs), were the only ones to profit from inclusions. It looks great on paper that you are getting a complimentary drink on the tour, but the reality is that your $10 drink may be costing you as much as $16 for the sake of convenience. Either that or the supplier has to lose money on including the drink at their cost price or less. Regardless, the difference is always to the advantage of the OTA. And some choose not to even avail themselves of the included beverage at all. So we chose to lower the per-person price. A world first.
  3. Then we decided to allow children to attend not at a 5% to 50% discount off adult rates, but they can participate for free as long as there is an accompanying adult(s). T&Cs apply mainly that we are not a baby-sitting service and that the adults are responsible for any children present. A world first.
  4. Finally, we set up a Facebook group – You Gotta Love Sydney- 24 hours in Sydney – for the specific purpose to assist like-minded people to get together and take advantage of getting more economical per-person rates for bigger groups. I highly recommend that you join this group.


We did not stop there. We partnered with a travel partner to be able to offer Hotel Savings Cards (HSCs are redeemable at over 1 million hotels worldwide) and complimentary holidays. Book a private experience (10 to choose from) and we automatically send you a $500 Hotel Savings card that will offset your cost. Literally making your private experience FREE to enjoy.