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From $31 pp
Micro Groups 1-2 People
Small Group 3-4 People
Medium Group 5-8 People
Large Group 9-12 People
Private charter Up to 10 People

Walking in the footsteps of Super women!

Walking the streets of Sydney, you are surrounded by the history of many super women, and you do not know that it is there! Learn about these incredible pioneering women and discover the important roles they played in making Sydney superb. From a governor’s convict wife, to those who called out for women’s suffrage and equality, the brave who broke glass ceilings and to all those who have inspired women then and now.

“Skirting Sydney”…. Sydney’s ONLY walking experience celebrating women.


  • Learn about women from our earliest convict days to today who have made a difference to the lives of many
  • Visit the historical sites of where these women made their names and walk in their footsteps.
  • Immerse yourself in a history of Sydney not highlighted till now.
  • Be enthralled by tales of Sydney’s prominent women and how they changed the face of this city.
  • Enjoys Sydney’s ONLY walking experience that celebrates women.

Please note: 6% booking fee is assessed on tickets booked online (you can avoid the booking fee by purchasing tickets via phone).