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COVID-19 Protocols

To help prevent the spread of COVID-19, we’ve implemented safety measures to protect both our guests and guides while on tour.

Before the tour:

At the time of booking, we ask that you provide us with up to date contact information for each person in your group so we can keep you updated if anything changes, and remain able to contact you after the tour has ended.

If you feel at all unwell leading up to or on the day of your tour, please follow NSW government guidelines regarding isolation and do not come in for a tour.

At 24 Hours in Sydney, we value the health and safety of all customers and businesses that we engage with. Please provide appropriate evidence that everyone in your party have received a double vaccination.

Please be aware that these standards are applied to our guides as well and may result in your tour being rescheduled.

While on tour:

Before a tour commences you will be required to complete our online registration by using a smartphone to scan our unique QR code.

We ask that you maintain a safe (1.5m) distance from your guide and other participants while on tour. This includes refraining from shaking hands with our guides. (warm smiles are still encouraged). Physical contact on tours should only be done within your own contact group (family etc…)

Your guide will wash their hands before greeting you and will have hand sanitiser available for use.

Face masks at this time are not mandatory, but feel welcome to wear one. Please note that to allow our guides to provide the most clear and concise presentation, guides shall not be wearing masks unless instructed to within a designated venue. Guides will maintain the 1.5m distance.

We love showing off the best of our city to you and this often means going inside buildings and down narrow streets. When this is the case, your guide may choose to avoid crowded areas or ask you to walk through or past something before stopping so we can maintain physical distancing both within the group and between you and members of the public.

If at any point on the tour you feel unsafe, just let your guide know and we’ll take steps to make sure you are more comfortable.

Guides will be taking photos throughout the tour and will be emailed to you (for free!) at the conclusion.

After your tour:

As you’re probably aware, our incredible guides work very hard to provide these experiences in a safe environment. In the past, guests have expressed their gratitude by tipping their guide in cash at the end of a tour. If you are not comfortable with this, guides are also using “Square” to accept credit/debit card payments. While a tip is not expected, it is very much welcome.

If anyone in your group tests positive for COVID-19 in the 14 days following the tout, please let us know. We will also keep your contact information for 28 days to assist with contact tracing if needed,