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a green apple on the branch of a tree

Maria Ann Smith arrived in Australia with her husband Thomas in 1830. She had already three children when they established their family home and orchard in North Road. Maria would go on to conceive another 13 children! When her fruiting trees were in season and bearing and there were sufficient vegetables and eggs from her chickens, she would take a store at the City Markets. There, she would often buy further fruit and take it home for family use. It was on one such occasion that Maria bought a case of French Crab apples from Tasmania. On finding the last of these in the case had gone bad, she tipped them out down by the creek course that ran through the family property. From seed that germinated a new fruit tree grew up along the creek course. Mrs Smith recognised she had something that was very special. The Granny Smith has a wonderful flavour, an excellent keeping apple for storage and also highly suited to growing in mountain climates. Granny Smith apples did not make their way to America until the 1970’s

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PHOTO CREDIT: @BatlowApples