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Strange rumours surround the Wakehurst Parkway on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, but the standout tale is of a ghost who hops into the backseat of unsuspecting cars driving down it after midnight. Stories vary, but most centre around a section of the road near Oxford Falls, where it’s been reported that a young girl opens a car’s back door and compels drivers to crash. Like all good ghost stories, there’s a lot of hyperbole: the apparition allegedly has piercing green eyes that torment the driver via the rear-view mirror, and there are recounts of the spirit invoking a need to return after you’ve encountered them once, forcing drivers to come back to crash again and again… Well, do you believe in ghosts? And frighteningly, as reported by The Daily Telegraph, many bodies have been discovered in the surrounding forests and gullies, so…

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PHOTO CREDIT: Bianca Biasi and State Library of NSW.

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