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a group of people on a beach near a body of water

Sydney is blessed with lots of beautiful beaches, some big and world-renowned, others much smaller and not so well-known. With so many quality beaches on offer, Sydney is almost unrivalled in the world. But these often get crowded. What can you do? There are a few secluded beaches in and around Sydney.  Be mindful that most of these secluded beaches are unpatrolled, and don’t have surf lifesaving services available. So, if you’re planning to go for a swim, please be cautious and ideally bring someone with you. Here is our favourite, Kutti Beach. The best thing about Kutti Beach is that most people can’t find it, apart from the locals of course. Quietly hidden away between Parsley Bay Reserve and Watsons Bay, Kutti Beach can be really hard to find. Until now that is… The beach is accessible via a very narrow staircase right next to the Vaucluse Amateur Sailing Club located at the end of Wharf Road. It may look like a dead-end, which it essentially is, but don’t walk away as the staircase is right there.

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