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a car parked on the side of a road

For the 2004 Biennale of Sydney, Arkansas-born Berlin-based artist Jimmie Durham created this installation from a 1999 Ford Festiva hatchback purchased in Homebush, and a two-tonne quartz boulder from a Central Coast quarry – painted with a face. Originally the car was parked on the Opera House forecourt, and onlookers watched as Durham painted a face on the stone, before it was dropped on the car from a crane above – crushing it. At the time, Durham told the Sydney Morning Herald, “This piece is concerned with monuments and monumentality, but also with nature; that implacable hard stuff.”

In 2006, the piece was permanently installed in its current location on Hickson Road in Walsh Bay – in the middle of a roundabout. On approach from either direction along Hickson Rd, you can notice roadworks signs by Australian artist Richard Tipping that read ‘ARTWORK AHEAD’.

IMAGE CREDIT: Hanne Therkildsen

a fire truck parked in a parking lot