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a sandwich sitting on top of a wooden cutting board

Once upon a time in Sydney, burgers—at least as we’ve come to know them—were pretty hard to come by. We’re talking those hefty, layered, over-the-top, dripping, saucy, American-style stacks that currently grace your Insta feed. A few years back, these guys didn’t really exist. We’ve largely got Mary’s, Chur Burger, and Dan Hong to thank for kicking things into gear with American cheese, milk buns, and special sauce, because these days—Sydney’s burger scene is nothing short of wild. Our intrepid Burgoligist has tasted his way across the Sydney basin and has judged his favourite big burger. If you want to get nostalgic about Australia’s own burger history, people will probably tell stories about suburban takeaways, hot chips wrapped in butchers’ paper, and beachside fish and chip shops. Usually, there’s beetroot involved, grated carrot, and fried eggs. Jim & Harry’s has all the nostalgia of that era of Aussie burgers, but they have adopted a few of the more satiating modern trimmings we now know and love, like pillowy milk buns, American cheese, crispy streaky bacon, and that all-important special sauce. If you’re game to eat a monster then look no further than the Triple Double. Triple cheese, double smashed patties, and jalapenos all inside a super soft bun.

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PHOTO CREDITJoe_S and S Phillips