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a flock of seagulls are standing in the snow

We have all driven along Oxford Street on many occasions, never once giving a thought to the building and surrounding fence.  Hidden beneath the green is a significant piece of Sydney history. Its 9 metres high, 98 metres wide and a massive 158 metres long. It played an important role in the growth of the Eastern suburbs in the early 1900s.

This is the top of the Centennial Park Reservoir located at the Northern end of the park adjacent to Oxford Street. It was constructed in 1899 as a part of the Upper Nepean Water Supply Scheme for water supply, particularly to the developing sprawl in the eastern suburbs.

Many ask what this enormous underground space is used for today. The answer is simple…. it is still used as a reservoir. This is testament to the architecture of the time and skill of it’s construction.

IMAGE CREDIT- State Records NSW via Flickr