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a large body of water

Q. So, Sydney – the land down under! What should a first-time visitor absolutely not miss when spending just 24 hours in this vibrant city?

A. Well, if you only have 24 hours in Sydney, mate, you gotta start with a stroll around Circular Quay. Take in the Opera House, Harbour Bridge, and the stunning harbour views.

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Q. The Opera House is an icon of Sydney, but is it worth visiting if you only have limited time?

A. You can’t come to Sydney and not see the Opera House, can ya? Even if you only have a short time, it’s worth getting up close and snapping a few photos.

a large ship in the water with Sydney Opera House in the background

Q. Sydney is famous for its beaches. Which one would you recommend to someone with only a day to explore?

A. There’s no shortage of great beaches in Sydney, but if you’re only here for a day, Bondi is the classic choice. Take a dip, catch a few rays, and grab some fish and chips for lunch.


Q. The Sydney Harbour Bridge climb is said to be one of the best experiences in the city. Is it a must-do, or is there something else you’d suggest instead?

A. The bridge climb is an experience like no other, but it does take a few hours. If you’re tight on time, skip the climb and walk across the bridge instead. Same views, less fuss.

a bridge over a body of water

Q. Food is a big part of Australian culture. What are some must-try dishes or places to eat in Sydney for someone on a tight schedule?

A. Oh, where do I start? You’ve gotta try a meat pie, a sausage roll, and a lamington for a proper Aussie meal. If you’re looking for something more upscale, check out Rockpool or Quay.

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Q. The Royal Botanic Garden is a popular attraction. Is it worth visiting, and how much time should you allocate to exploring it?

A. The Botanic Garden is beautiful, and it won’t take up too much of your day. I’d say give yourself an hour or two to wander around and take in the scenery.

a vase of flowers sitting on top of a grass covered field

Q. The Rocks is an historic area of Sydney with a lot of character. Is it worth spending time there, and if so, what should visitors be sure to see?

A. The Rocks is a great place to explore, especially if you’re into history. Make sure you visit the Museum of Contemporary Art, and check out some of the local craft markets while you’re there.

Q. Sydney has a rich cultural scene. What museums or galleries would you recommend for someone with only a day in the city?

A. If you’re a museum buff, you’ll love the Australian Museum or the Art Gallery of New South Wales. If you’re short on time, the Powerhouse Museum is a fun option with lots of interactive exhibits.

Q. How easy is it to get around Sydney for someone who doesn’t know the city well?

A. Sydney’s public transport system is pretty good, mate. You can get around on buses, trains, or ferries, and they all run pretty regularly. Just make sure you have an Opal card handy.

Q. Finally, what’s the best way to end a day in Sydney? Is there a particular spot or activity that’s perfect for watching the sunset?

A. For the perfect sunset view, head to Mrs. Macquarie’s Chair. It’s a bit of a walk, but it’s worth it for the stunning views of the harbour and the city skyline. Grab a beer and enjoy the show.

a large body of water

Sydney Harbour