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Sydney Insiders Blog

Sydney Harbour

A tragedy that hides beneath the waters of Sydney

underwater view of a coral

Sydney Harbour may be the city’s sparkling centre piece but its sandy bottom reveals its darker side. The city’s coast and harbour have claimed more than 140 ships and hundreds of lives since the First Fleet arrived in 1788. For example, when you sail over the Middle Head stretch of Sydney Harbour, you may not…

His masters remains…..Cadman Cottage

a building with a large window

  These days it’s a cute old cottage with Harbour views – the perfect vantage point to greet holidaymakers stepping off a tropical cruise. But in early Sydney, Cadman’s Cottage was the site of some pretty gruesome goings-on. One morning in November 1844, a man named Jean Videll brought a chest to the jetty (Cadman’s…

The Grand Organ of Sydney

a large building

  The Grand Organ in the Sydney Opera House has six divisions, five manuals plus pedals, and is the largest tracker action organ ever built, with 131 speaking stops served by 200 ranks of pipes consisting of 10,244. It also took 10 years to build. It was budgeted for $400000 but ended up costing $1.2…