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Sydney Insiders Blog

Unexplained Sydney

Room 8 in the Russell Hotel…sleep there if you dare

a close up of a clock tower on a cloudy day

This is known as the most haunted hotel room in Australia, said to be inhabited by the ghost of a sailor murdered by a prostitute. The ghost supposedly only appears to women sleeping alone, recreating the circumstances of his death. Employees have said they felt like they were walking through a cobweb, like they were…

Sydney has the fastest egg in the world?

a group of people standing in front of a crowd

When locals think of Sydney, they think of the harbour, the good weather, and the beaches. But what about our world records? Sydney is a city of great individuals. It is also a city that continuously brings people together. And when great individuals come together, records are sure to come crashing down. From the crazy…

Entombed in a Sydney Icon

a group of people posing for a photo

The Sydney Harbour Bridge was first opened in 1932. It took enormous effort to build with workers being pulled to work on the project from all parts of the world. Three ships were constructed exclusively for the task of carrying materials from Moruya Quarry for the massive 89 meter pylons. There are 16 officially reported…

Wonderland City or Elephant graveyard?

a vintage photo of a large crowd of people in a body of water

If you were looking out over Tamarama beach in 1906, your view of the ocean would have been interrupted by a rollercoaster. The track ran in a loop, twisting and turning from one side of the cliffs to another, elevated on tall metal stilts. It was part of Wonderland City, a theme park that offered…

Is something is stalking you in Sydney?

a cow is standing in the grass

Something evil has been stalking the western suburbs of Sydney and Blue Mountains for close to 80 years. Reports of big cats that shred livestock and kill pets have been around since the 1930s, with at least 600 reported sightings in the past two decades alone. While the puma-sized creatures proved elusive during several government…