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a house with bushes in front of a building

If you ever known the experience of squeezing into some tight jeans, then how about squeezing into the thinnest house in Sydney!

Located at 43 ½ Edgeware Road Enmore, this sad looking residence is apparently one of the narrowest homes in Sydney.  You will need to be flexible as you walk through the tiny kitchen space and into thee slimmest of bedrooms. This is a tiny, two storied Victorian home. It was apparently used as servants’ quarter for the much larger home to the right in this photo. As you can see, this little gem needs some polishing. There are though plenty of people willing to bring this back to life when it next comes on the market. Quite a renovation project indeed.

The home is less than 3 metres wide. But in spite of its size, it was once subdivided at one stage into four flats. There are other properties in the area which are just as narrow, in particular in 19 London Street, Enmore which is 2.5m wide. Both of these properties are worth over $700 000 due to their location. These smaller homes tend to be located in the inner city, where there is an urban environment and a cafe lifestyle.


IMAGE CREDIT: Simon Phillips