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a vintage photo of an old building

During construction of Sydney’s new metro train line, two ‘ghost platforms’ were uncovered. These has lay hidden beneath Central Station, buried and abandoned for over 40 years. Platforms 26 and 27 lie dormant and gathering decades of dust as 270,000 people walk above them every say without knowing what lies beneath their feet.

These platforms were constructed in 1979 on the site of the Devonshire Street Cemetery as part of the Eastern Suburbs Railway line for Bondi and Illawarra but were never completed.

What was disturbing were the bodies lying in the graveyard. These were reburied across the city decades earlier. Workers have claimed to have heard voices echoing against the walls, and even the sound of children playing. A local rail historian said there were many stories about people either feeling or hearing ghosts after coming down to the abandoned platforms.

‘Sometimes they might feel a hand on their shoulder and look around and there is nobody there. They are very eerie places,’ he said.


IMAGE CREDIT: Ethel Foster, State Library of NSW