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Dug deep into the sandstone headland in 1908, the Queenscliff tunnel or the Manly wormhole indeed feels like a passage through the unknown. Perhaps that’s why it is called a wormhole. The fishermen who dug it up sure had the best of the Queenscliff rocks and the freshwater beach region connected up easier than clambering up the rocks. On a sunny day, the wormhole towards Freshwater offers the best-uninterrupted views of the blue sea.

Connecting Queenscliff and Freshwater beaches, the tunnel is still the most direct route between the two seafronts without cutting through the suburban streets, and is something of a local secret – you won’t find signposts or boardwalks to help you reach it.

While it may be a bit of a challenge scrambling over the rocks of the headland north of Manly Beach to find it, your efforts are soon rewarded with a close encounter with Sydney’s rich history and a view of Freshwater Beach that’s hard to beat, especially if you time your visit to coincide with sunset.

Passing through the wormhole makes one feel like a part of some covert operation. If your imaginative consciousness is active, you will love this secret spot.