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a display in a store

Sydney has many unique and specialized stores for all manner of items. Some are very expensive with small collections of expensive objects. But there is one store that is just as mind blowing even though it stocks the little things in life. One of Sydney’s insiders’ best tips. Welcome to “All Buttons Great and Small”.

In the world of haberdashery specialisms, the humble button has to be right up there. And if there was a store that had that niche sown up, it is All Buttons Great and Small. The store has been supplying the people of Sydney with every conceivable type of button you can imagine since 1989. Along the way, it has amassed a staggering collection of over 13,000 different buttons with a wide-ranging jumble of colours, styles and materials (shell, wood, glass, crystal, leather and enamel just to name aa few) all on display in their Newtown store.  They also offer button covering for furniture and frequently supplies.

All Buttons Great and Small source their quality, eclectic stock globally for discerning customers. More than 70% of their stock is made up of buttons imported exclusively for the shop, including end-of-line, samples, vintage, and as such, changes constantly. Their customers include home sewers, craftspeople, made-to-measure and bridal/couture designers, fashion students and designers, as well as the film and theatre industry.

The range and breadth of the buttons is simply staggering with all manner of Plastic & Polymer, metal, Swarovski & Diamanté, Couture Enameled, Passementerie and Vintage / Retro buttons and many, many more to be found. There are even giant wooden buttons made for all those who mend giant clothing. These are made exclusively for All Buttons Great and Small by master furniture-maker Oscar Prieckaerts. Using recycled timbers from a variety of hard and soft woods, these wonderfully crafted buttons have been shared across the globe.

So next time you embark on your next sewing project or simply lose a button, “All Buttons Great and Small” in Newtown will have you all buttoned up.