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Room 8 in the Russell Hotel…sleep there if you dare

a close up of a clock tower on a cloudy day

This is known as the most haunted hotel room in Australia, said to be inhabited by the ghost of a sailor murdered by a prostitute. The ghost supposedly only appears to women sleeping alone, recreating the circumstances of his death. Employees have said they felt like they were walking through a cobweb, like they were being watched, or an instant chill in the room as if a fridge door had just been opened. ‘Two girls on separate occasions have said they woke up to a sailor standing at the end of the bed looking at them,’ one said. Russell hotel is one of the oldest buildings in The Rocks- a sandstone, maze-like, beautifully restored boutique first built in 1790. It was rebuilt about 1820 and restored again multiple times since. It served as a hostel for the sailors that docked in Sydney Harbour, then a hospital once the bubonic plague hit, before it was restored as a boutique hotel. If you are unable to stay at the Russell Hotel, it also has a restaurant and bar, which offer up amazing food, drinks and service.

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