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With Christmas not too far away, there can be pressure on some to find that one of a kind present. This is something very unique that you cannot find in an every day gift shop.

Located in Sydney’s oldest neighborhood is the “Bottom of The Harbour Antiques” who specialize in Nautical Antiques. This store was first established in Sydney in 1972.

There is an extensive and highly sought-after nautical range available including Scrimshaw by Gary Tonking, rare antique diving helmets, vintage ships bells, ships lights and a binnacle. Also in store is an extensive range of compasses, chronometers, sundials and telescopes. They also stock metal Russian/USSR Medals, Vintage Watches and Ship’s Models, Bells and collectable Asian antiques.

The owner Mike Meadows opened the shop when he finally decided to come ashore after ten years cruising the seven oceans of the world and their exotic ports. Bottom of the Harbour has all the atmosphere of long forgotten voyages and is so steeped in traditional maritime treasures that one really does feel they have stumbled upon the Bottom of the Harbour.

Mike, being an ardent collector of nauticalia for many years, had four main obsessions, Scrimshaw, Navigational Instruments, Ships Bells and Diver’s Helmets. From his own extensive collection, he began “Bottom of the Harbour” and now (when time permits) continues to travel to distant parts of the globe to search for sought-after collectibles.

Next time you are in The Rocks of Sydney, take a deep dive into The Metcalfe Arcade (80 George Street) and explore the magic of the nautical world.



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