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Anime at Abbotsford is one of Sydney’s hidden landmarks. It is also the premiere Anime merchandise store in the city. They have a stunning variety of authentic Anime collectibles, plus a massive range of toys, figurines and trading cards. It is breathtaking to discover how much can be packed into one little shop.

Anime at Abbotsford opened their doors in 2007. Owners Bradley (pictured) and Hansen started this venture together because of their ambition of collecting authentic anime merchandise. They found it hard to find stores that sells official merchandise back in 2007. Frustrated, they both started their own anime store together, they promised to always stock everything official so that everyone will be able to have the store as the go to place for official anime merchandise.

Their combined knowledge of the Anime industry is extensive and their two stores (Haymarket) are packed with a huge collection of both popular and hard-to-find titles. They are known for going that extra mile to help customer track down those special hard-to-find items.

You will find Anime at Abbotsford at Sydney conventions such as Supanova, Madfest and SMASH! (Sydney Manga and Anime Show). They also sponsor local schools, regularly providing both kids and adults with fun, casual activities, like Beyblades, Pokémon, LEGO and handball tournaments.

Next time you find yourself in Sydney’s inner west, walk in and stay a spell. You find that this store casts its own magic over children (and adults) of all ages.


IMAGE CREDIT: Anime at Abbotsford

a group of people in a store