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a canyon with a mountain in the background

Hanging Rock, a large sandstone object hanging out from a sandstone cliff, is one of the most iconic landmarks in the greater Blue Mountains region. It is situated a few moments away from the Baltzer Lookout, from where visitors can enjoy eye-dropping views of the Grose Valley and surrounding escarpments.

These two beautiful sights can be reached via a relatively easy 8 km return bushwalking track. Hanging Rock and the Baltzer Lookout are somewhat off the beaten track, but it’s quite easy to get there. The walking track meanders through bushland with a few lookout points along the way.

It’s certainly not a difficult walk at all, and is mostly flat from start to finish. There is a bit of rock scrambling involved between the Baltzer Lookout and Hanging Rock, so proper hiking shoes are definitely recommended. The fire trail is popular with bushwalkers, runners and cyclists alike, but the walk itself is actually not all that super exciting.

It really is all about the destination, and once you get to that destination, you will be in awe of the sheer beauty of this place. Interestingly enough, Hanging Rock is not immediately visible from the Baltzer Lookout, so you’re going to have to walk a bit further.

Hanging Rock is one of those beautiful and unique spots in the Blue Mountains where you won’t see a lot of tourists. And depending on the time of day, you might just be the only visitor around. This is a good thing, because the emptiness and isolation at Hanging Rock and the Baltzer Lookout create that perfect atmosphere.

IMAGE CREDIT: Matt Michaelson


a canyon with a mountain in the background