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a statue of a person with graffiti on the side of a building

Marrickville in Sydney’s Inner West has been named No. 10 in the top 40 coolest neighbourhoods in the world by Time Out – and, despite living in Sydney all my life I’m ashamed to say, I haven’t really explored it properly. Here is why you must add Faversham Lane to your list of things to do in Marrickville – and why it’s a must-visit for Sydney Street art lovers.

There must be over 100 paintings in this tiny industrial lane 99.9 per cent of them of a famous face. Every shutter is covered, every wall is covered and, there are even panels of tiny portraits lining the base of each wall – with spaces for more to come. It’s mind-blowing. Dumped mattresses and dumpsters are also fair game for the brush and spray can.

Faversham Lane is not listed on google maps, so you do need a little bit of instruction – starting with what station to get off at. Despite it being in the suburb of Marrickville, you don’t want to get off at Marrickville Station – that will lead to a pretty long walk. Instead, get off at Sydenham Station (which is on the T3 and T4 line from Central Station) and it’s about a nine-minute walk from there.

Faversham Lane is just off Faversham Street which is marked on google maps. Make sure you look down Buckley Lane as well for a cool mural and you’ll also find some interesting decoration at the Marrickville Bowling Club. Lastly, there’s a huge mural just as you enter Faversham Lane.

IMAGE CREDIT: Gaylene Roggeveen


a large brick building with graffiti on the side of a road